Map of US Art Environments

So here is my work in progress map of America’s art environments. My goal is to eventually have visitor information for every spot on the map. In no way is this map exhaustive nor is it the only art environment map out there. As of today (October 2015) there are about 150 still existing places and for historical purposes 25 places that are gone. This covers the major well-documented sites and many smaller places, but there are a lot more environments out there. I am constantly adding places.

Have I missed a place, or do you have updated visitor info? Please contact me and let me know.


  • Red star = I’ve been there. I started this map to document my adventures and I am confident that the visitor info is still good.
  • Green Star = Have not been there yet.
  • Blue Star = Relocated. This may include where whole sites have been up and moved, or highlight a museum that that has acquired the remains of an environment.
  • Black Star = Gone – this is for historical purposes (and a word of warning about what often happens). I have started combing through old magazine articles and books and detailing the sites that for whatever reason have not stuck around.

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