Here be Dragons : I have added maps

There will be no new environments this week, instead I am letting you know I have gone back and added maps to all my posts as well as a big overall art environment map up top (in the pages section). As I have mentioned in my past ramblings one of the main reasons I have started this blog is to promote art environments and other unusual attractions to those seeking cool new places to check out. In order to facilitate people heading off the beaten path I feel it helps to create a beatable path.

The maps at the bottom of each post will highlight all the art environments, museums, restaurants and other attractions I babble on about in that post. To keep things simple the maps will stay regional, for example, the map associated with all Wisconsin environments will be the same. I will keep adding places to the map when I talk about them in the blog posts. That means you have to check back often and tell all your friends about the blog or your life will be meaningless…or more likely you may miss something.

Also, I have added my personal all encompassing Art Environments of the USA to the pages section. This big map will not include restaurants and non-art environment museums. It is a work in progress now with over 175 places.


Hiya folks,

For the last hand full of years I have spent a good portion of my time traveling around good ol’ America looking for interesting, offbeat places. This includes small museums, forgotten historical sites and other detritus of the the old, weird America. My major passion has been art environments (sometimes known as  outsider/self taught/ visionary/ folk art environments). With this website I plan to detail some of my travels, talk about the cool places I have come across and most importantly talk about how you can find and visit these places.

That will do for now,