In the News: Graceland Too has been rescued

Graceland Too, September 2013 – The middle of a new paint job

Here is a very cool news story, one I didn’t expect. In Holly Springs, MS about an hour from Memphis, TN, the legendary home of Graceland One, was a very unique tourist attraction dubbed Graceland Too. This was the home of Paul MacLeod, who sadly passed away in 2014.

In a nutshell – among obsessive Elvis fans, MacLeod may have been the most obsessed. He turned his humble abode into a shrine to the King’s castle, Graceland. The house mirrored Graceland on the outside and was filled, hoarder style, with Elvis memorabilia on the inside. And it was one of America’s most amazing and bizarre tourist attraction. MacLeod gave tours 24/7, literally you could bang on his door at four in the morning and he would get up (fueled by power naps and coca cola) and give you a tour for a measly $5. Holly Springs, MS is not too far from Ole Miss University, so drunk/ stoned college kids would show up at all times and MacLeod was happy to oblige.

MacLeod singing for us to kick off the tour – September 2013

Wifey and I were lucky enough to take the tour in the fall of 2013. MacLeod walked around his house pointing out the insane amount of Presley related ephemera, all the while poking me really hard in the chest, telling Elvis stories, answering Elvis questions and telling us how much his collection was worth.

After he passed away of natural causes (only a few days after he shot a man in his house, a strange story in and of itself), his collection was auctioned off.  Well at this point it would have been safe to assume that the Graceland Too experience was over. Paul was Graceland Too.

But, and this is really cool news, his house went up for auction and was purchased by the non-profit The Friends of Graceland Too, for $5,500. It seems they have plans to save MacLeod’s legacy and return the house to being an attraction. I really hope they are able to recapture some of the magic. It will be hard, because MacLeod was the main event; the Elvis paraphernalia and the house were just the arena in which he could do his stuff.

So check out the article here.

I will try to keep you up to date on when Graceland Too is back up for business.



In the News: Bottle Village needs your help

bottle village
Bottle Village – July 2014

As a feature of this blog I have decided I will start posting shorter art environment related news items.

Hear ye hear ye, – Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village in Simi Valley, just outside of Los Angeles needs money. Preserve Bottle Village, the organization that now cares for the site has started a GoFundMe campaign. Bottle Village is a very significant site for several reasons. First, is that it is one of the few art environments built by a woman, Terresa “Grandma” Prisbrey (1896 – 1988). The site was pretty beat up by the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Bottle Village was eligible for a FEMA grant to help with repairs, but a local politician denied them the funds calling it a waste of tax payers money. Many politicians vastly underestimate the tourism potential that art environments bring to a community and they completely ignore a site’s historical and cultural significance to the area.

Well Bottle Village has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help stabilize the bottle houses that Prisbrey built. This is really great project and they seem to be making some nice progress. So spread the word and if you have a few spare shekels weighing you down consider contributing to Bottle Village and helping to preserve a great and important undervalued piece of Americana.

Click here to go to the GoFundMe campaign

Also, Bottle Village is open to the public a handful of times a year for tours. Check out their website HERE. They usually post upcoming tours several weeks, or months in advance.

If you have news about an art environment, whether it is being repaired, being torn down, needs savings, needs money, is now closed to the public, is now open to the public, etc, please let me know. If there is a site I missed on my big MAP, or I have incorrect or missing info, please let me know.